How do use JOIN for string array of a class?

The Analyzer doesn’t like my statement and I would be very happy if I wrote it wrong.

tArray() = Join(PractFSets(i).daata, DataSep)

tArray is array of string
PractFSet is an array of RowItemClass
daata is a property of RowItemClass and is an array of string.
datasep is Chr(10)

Join returns a string, not an array of strings.

Dim arr() As String ReDim tArray(n) For i = 0 to n arr() = PractFSets(i).daata() tArray(i) = Join(arr(), DataSep) Next
Thanks. In post and my first attempt, I forgot the “i” in tArray(i).
I’ve been doing it the hard way for too long.

What about:

tArray(i) = Join(PractFSets(i).daata(), DataSep)

If daata is actually a property, that shouldn’t work. But tArray(i) = Join(PractFSets(i).daata, DataSep) should work.