How do I use CellTextPaint ?

I tried the code below, but nothing is painted in the ListBox.

I checked both my [LOCAL] LR and docs but no hint there.

g.DrawString Me.Cell(Row, Column), 0, (Me.Height-6)

Rather than Me.Height - 6 try using y or g.TextAscent
also remember to return true.

Thank you Kevin,.

-6: same result (at worse I would have part of the text, even some dots, but nothing).

Return True: Already there.

What do not say is when I set quotes around Me.Cell, etc. I get the Me.Cell text !


[code]g.drawstring me.cell(row,column), 0, g.height - 6


g.drawstring me.cell(row,column),0, 10[/code]

me.height is the height of the entire list box, not the cell


Stop using something for a while and this happens !

That was it: RowHeight !!!

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