How do I set window icon


I have an desktop application that has a number of windows that of type “document” with a minimize button but I want to set these windows to have different icons when they are minimised and show in the dock / taskbar but cant see anything in the docs to do this. Can someone point me in the right direction please.



in MBS Xojo Plugins, there is a NSWindowMBS class with dockTile method, which gives you NSDockTileMBS object to draw into.

Thanks Christian and Markus.

Is it possible to do something similar for MS Windows?

Window.SetWindowIconMBS(Type as Integer, Icon as Picture, Mask as Picture) as Boolean

May help?

Have you heard of Google? Tried searching for “xojo taskbar”?

The sad part is having to recommend using Google because the search engine for the forum is a POS and then getting results from the forum itself :frowning: