How do I organize

I’m in need of some help organizing my control list. I’d really like to be able to add a folder or something. My main form has 210 oval shapes and probably another 50 labels that change txt or color. I’d really like to be able to minimize the real estate they take up in the left hand pane.

Anyone have an ideas on how to make this better. I tried to move all the shapes to a container but the container doesn’t minimize. Please help I’m loosing control of my program……

Use a control set. The below window is really busy but I’ve moved the labels and the textfields into control sets:


As an alternative to Beatrix’s correct suggestion, you can group your controls in a control container. This would give you several advantages:

  • would simplify the nodes on the left
  • you would logically group the elements (e.g. 30 checks in a “personal data” container, another in a “contact details” container, etc.)
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if the ovals are around a input control maybe u can use the window paint event.

or a container control / custom control.

210 + 50 = 260 controls in a single window ?

Are-you serious ?

Can’t you split that in different windows ?

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It should do, click the >


i would use for this “r1r2” a container control.
for this “rate,34000” a container control.
for this “circles” a subclassed canvas,
a position list of circles and this list can be used for draw and input.


Container controls are your friend. Obviously, I don’t what all the things in your picture are doing, but the rectangles at the top could each be one container control, which you place seven times in your window.

Similarly, the rows of circles. Each row could be a container control.

That whole thing should be ONE canvas.