How do I handle Multiple apps with new web api

Hi I have about 10 web apps that all do different things for our association, including APIs I created for other organizations to access our data.

Almost all apps run in a frame in out Word Press website. The url in the frame to launch the app is

Will this still work with the new web api? It sounds like each app will need it’s own sub domain from what I’ve heard.

Can someone please give me some guidance in upgrading to Web 2?


Since you are using your own subdomain, you can type the whole thing into the Domain Name field (in the Xojo Cloud build panel) and that should work.

The sub domain is The urls in the Frames is So your saying this will work for all apps under API 2?

Each app needs to have its own subdomain.

So I can’t have multiple apps under… This is a real pain, every place the app is called I have to create a subdomain just for that one app? This doesn’t seem very user friendly.

What if I had hundreds of apps?

Since the domain is hidden from the user, why not use app1, app2, app3, etc

So I have to go to my isp and create 10+ subdomains?

Where do you enter these subdomains? I haven’t downloaded the new Xojo yet.

Also then to call the app it will be,, etc?

I suggest that you start by downloading the new IDE and trying it out instead of worrying that it might be a catastrophe. The setting is right on the Xojo Cloud build target.

Do I need to create a subdomain for each with our registra?

Or is this totally handled by Xojo?

Yes. Your domain and DNS are completely controlled by you.

I just downloaded and tested with a test app I have. I entered the apps name as the domain “test1” and deployed it. The url showed, so does that mean I don’t have to created Subdomains with my registra? It seems to me that the answer is no?

Also when I loaded it Xojo warned me that some controls were not compatible, But it doesn’t say what? I’m afraid that when I load a real project things will be removed that I may not notice. How do I handle this?

When I went to save it, it brought up a save as dialog, does this mean I shouldn’t save it over the original project, which would mean setting up a new Git repository for each one. Is this necessary?

Sorry the url showed as

I will repost and list out my questions.

Yes we have our own single Data.

But from what Greg was saying we need 1 subdomain for each? Is that true?