How do i go to the error on quit?

When running/debugging my App and it breaks because of some error, I always have issues finding back point of the error. Especially if it’s a larger project and things break somewhere buried deep.

I need to remember the method name and the point of the error because after hitting the stop button, it jumps back to wherever I was before.

Wouldn’t it be easier if it jumps me to the point where the error was? Or an option that quits the App, opens a new tab and put my cursor on the line of the error.
Now I need to find my way back every time.

Now I know about the little pencil button. But how is that supposed to work? When I click it, I can edit but my App keeps running. In order to close it, I need to right click on the App icon and select quit. But when I do that, the IDE jumps back again.

For debugging: have you turned on “Break on exceptions” in the “Project” menu?

Yes, this is correct.

You can edit the Code while Debugging and then you stop and start the Debugging to use the new Code.

You’ll also see multiple tabs. Only the run tab will close when you stop debugging so use one of the others to go to your break point & fix the problem.

Right. That’s what happens now.
But wouldn’t it be more logical if the run tab somehow stays open as a new tab so I’m at the break point/error right away?
Now, it jumps me back to where I came from. I don’t want to leave that point so I need open a new tab, then navigate to it and then scroll around to find back the break point.

@Sacha I think that comes in handy for when you’ve set break point. Not with (for example) Nil’s out of bounds, key not founds etc.

When you are in the debugger, press the pencil button and then Cmd-T (on OS X). The code editor then stays at the place you are in the debugger.