How do I get rid of this SelectSQL error?

Ive installed a new copy of 2023 R4
Despite calling no database code, and having no database plugins in the plugins folder, and clearing cache, I cannot run my projects because of this error:

How do I fix this?

Are you perhaps using plugins? Could one of them be referencing SQL without needing to. I’m aware that MBS has had a reorganisation in the latest version. Could it perhaps be related to that?

The MSSQLServerDatabase plugin has been deprecated & is no longer located in the plugins folder. You’ll need to copy/move it from extra’s or use ODBC. There are some gotcha’s using ODBC. I’m using Christian’s plugins & would recommend them highly.

I get this even with a literally brand new no-lines-of-code-at-all project, and I don’t get it with Xojo 2018 on the same machine. There are no SQL plugins in the plugins folder. It has MBS, but the same set of plugins that 2018 uses.

We had to update MBS to keep working with Xojo 2023r4. We updated to 23.6pr2. Not this exact error but if Xojo 2023r3.1 works and 2023r4 shows an error with MBS plugins it may worth to try newer MBS.

Have you added the “MSSQLServerPlugin” from the folder “C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2023r4\Extras\Database Plugin Resources” to “C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2023r4\Plugins” and restarted the IDE?

If you haven’t, you’ll see those errors without changing any code.

One sleep, plus much coffee and juggling plugins has now resolved it.
Frustrating to get SQL errors when nothing uses SQL, but hey ho.
I cant mark everyone as the answer, but thanks for contributing folks. You helped me get there!