How do I fill some pdf properies at print time ?

One artwork is better than mlines of text, so here we are:

You can see in the screen shot above that the following fields are empty
Auteur (Author)
Objet (Object)

And the Title field is “misnamed” (used the name of the text file loaded in the ListBox of the generating application.

How can I set these fields at printing time ?

Note: the Crateur du contenu (Contents creator) the application name have .debug appended: this is because I generated the pdf from the IDE running the project. So this is not an error (per se). Changing that can be good too.

OS X 10.10.2
Xojo 2014r3.2

PS: that project only print the background in colors, it does not print the ListBox contents text in other color than black. I only wanted to be able to print the lines background in colors.

You can fill a feature request for Xojo or vote on the request to produce PDF directly from Xojo.

or you go with MBS DynaPDF Plugin to write great PDF.
With SetDocInfo functions you can fill all those properties.
(starter edition is enough for writing PDF)