How do I download a webinar ?

How do I download a webinar so I will be able to watch it offline / everywhere / anywhere / more than one time ?

Either you look through the source or you try Jaksta (

Thanks Beatrix for the answer.

We have to pay to download a Xojo webinar ?

If you’re on OS X you can download the FlashtoHTML5 extension for Safari. When you open the Webinar you can control click and download the file.


If you want to download get yourself Firefox & the Youtube-downloader-plugin. However persistently storing Youtube data might be a violation of their policies. You could also nicely ask Paul if he provides you with the movie-files.

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There are plenty of © videos and sounds @ YouTube. And they have a policy ? ROTF !!!

[quote=75013:@Emile Schwarz]How do I download a webinar so I will be able to watch it offline / everywhere / anywhere / more than one time ?


For Chrome, use the Video Download Helper extension.


What a waste of money / time / energy…

[quote=75182:@Emile Schwarz]Thanks.

What a waste of money / time / energy…[/quote]
Not so long ago, they would have to send you a tape overseas and you’d have to use a deck player to watch the video.
Now, you can have it on a tablet or a smart phone live or a short time after it’s been uploaded and encoded by YouTube.
I call that progress… A huge one, even if comes with a few constraints. :wink:

There is no need to add anything to FireFox to download a video from you tube (for example). The solution is built-in.

Same method cen be used to download a ‘locked’ image.

A ‘locked’ image is an image you cannot download using a right-click (Ctrl-Click). with the mouse

Emile Schwarz,

You should first ask permission to download those webinars to Paul. When he says “no”, then it is not possible even when techonology permits to download it to view it offline.

We also have many custom made tutorials but that illegal downloading and copying keeps us from making them public to everyone. We reserve them for our customers only. People think when they can illegal copy copyrighted materials they have a good bargain and are smarter than the author. Regretfully those people are the idiots because their misbehaviour prevents authors to publish their work on free canals like YouTube. Make sure you do not fall in that category.

And because we are located in Botswana, I am also interested in offline versions because the internet is bad in Botswana.

So I like to ask Paul if he will agree to make his webinars offline available. Would be very nice, especially when having bad internet connections.

I just asked Paul in an email, if it would be possible to make these webinars available offline.

Now we have to wait for his reply and respect his decision.

I think this is the correct way to go.


Yes, you are right. I was ashtonished to not found direct links and so I asked here. These were created - AFAIK - to help Xojo users and given for free.

BTW: my post was by o means a question to pirate things. I was curious to see what they are, and as it have good “review” and I am in its target audience, I asked how I can watch them offline.

For your video tutorials, the question is more “Can I sold them” than I will not sold any because I do not want to be pirated. IMHO. But I understand your feeling since I already meet people who think that way.

I would disagree. If they put it on YouTube then as far as I’m concerned they have already given permission. Or should I ask for every Video, pdf, doc, picture posted on someone’s website if it is ok to look at the info off-line?

Sorry to be blunt, but unless you are in the business to make and sell tutorial videos this decision makes no sense at all. Tutorials are a good way to show the capabilities of your software to potential customers, and I for one would certainly shy away from any company that doesn’t want me to see the tutorials without first buying the software.

The videos are on YouTube to make them as easy as possible for people to watch. You are welcome to download them for offline viewing, like you can do with anything on YouTube. You cannot of course publish the videos yourself elsewhere, but I’m sure you all knew that already.

I doubt I’ll put the videos up in an alternative location to download, because bandwidth.