How do I create up a Xojo-like UI?

Hi! I would like to create an app that comes with the typical Mac look, having a list box at the left side and an inspector panel at the right side and of course the working area in the middle, all resizable. How would I set something like this up? It’s in fact the same look as how Xojo is set up.

You’d likely use a combination of ListBox and Canvas control subclasses. These example projects ought to give you some ideas:

  • Examples/Desktop/Controls/ListBox/SourceListExample
  • Examples/Desktop/Controls/ListBox/PropertyListExample
  • Examples/Graphics and Multimedia/FlowChart
  • Examples/Graphics and Multimedia/ObjectsInCanvas

also the old fgsourcelist still available at this archive :

Thanks so much, I will have a look.

[quote=286741:@Jean-Yves Pochez]also the old fgsourcelist still available at this archive :[/quote]
This project doesn’t want to run, it’s asking for a BundleID to run the application.

I’m sorry Andre’ , but if you cannot get past figuring out a BundleID, then creating a UI is going to be way beyond your current ability.


and there is a ton of documentation that came with Xojo, the covers all these requirements…

I have to agree with Dave. You need to get the basics right and work your way through the documentation (free), then watch the webinars (free), then try the example projects that Paul mentioned and try to figure out how they work (if you have questions then just ask).

But right now it looks like a case of trying to run before you can walk.

clic “check” then “resolve” then “open”
but yes if you don’t understand the bundleid problem, then making something like xojo ide is faarrrr away from here …

Let’s not forget the absolute reference when it comes to Mac UI :

and really the HIG is the least important aspect… and IDE like app is not a “programming 101” endeavour… I’m afraid Andre’ has ambitions far beyond his current ability. As we all know computer programming is NOT magic, it part Art, and part Science, with a few gallons of imagination poured in. Its a matter of TEACHING the computer to do what you want, to follow the correct instructions to produce the desired result.

and Andre’… this is all mean to be constructive … and NOT meant to dissuade you from pursuing this… just trying to apply a reality check is all

Ambition is not a bad thing, especially with the assistance of this distinguished community.

Andr, the main advice I can give you is : go ahead, create something that looks like what you want, add the functions you plan on having, and get it working.

Then try to use it and see if it flows. If it does not, then you need to tweak the UI.

Finally, when you think you got the functionalities together, spend time making it beautiful. Compare with Xojo, look at the size and space of the IDE, until you are perfectly satisfied.

Trial and error is quite alright. We all do it.

I am totally aware of me wanting to fly before I can even walk :slight_smile: I actually made a complete working project in Xojo already but only worked with text fields, created even the background pages in iWork Pages, so in fact the project I wanted to make is already complete. But now I would like to level it up a little, fine tuning things. This project uses only the basic of coding (variables only), but I know it could look so much better, so that I why I wanted to redesign it.

I agree that I should take the time to learn the basics, but already knowing what I want but not be able to make it… that’s frustration! Funny thing is that I had a piano student like this in my career as piano teacher who was the same as I am now: he knew the standard piano literature and wanted to jump to Chopin’s etudes, but still needed to master playing scales first. Having said this… I started to watch the webinar video’s, let’s learning to crawl first…

thanks all for your patience :slight_smile:

Note that designing the UI in the IDE and coding are two different things.