How do I center a textfield?

I’m designing the login form in the attached screenshot. In the screenshot, everything looks like it should. But when I run the app, nothing is centered like it looks on the design form. I fixed the rectangle middle-of-the-screen rectangle center by simply not locking it to any side and letting it float, but I can’t get the labels and textfields to stay in place on the form. I’ve tried every single locking combination and nothing works. Is there a way to do this?

tl;dr: How can I get the labels and textfields to stay in the deployed app where they are on the design form?


Put the entire form in a WebContainer and center the container.

Ahh, didn’t think of that! Many thanks, Greg!

I have a few controls that I want centered, I put them in a container control added a style Text Align center to the container, yet it doesn’t center itself on the web page?

What am I doing wrong.