How Do I Address The Header In A Listbox

I have a simple listbox that I would like change the background color on and I can’t for the life of me figure out what “row” the header is for the standard CellBackgroundPaint event to address.

AFAIK you can’t style the header. You need to hide it and then handle everything that the header does yourself.

Thanks for the quick reply … sounds easy enough.

There is a sample program floating around that handles this pretty well, I think Dave S on the forums wrote it. Listbox Header or something like that. I had to make one tweak for it to work well on Windows as I think back, but it works very well. it is still listed in the old RealBasic forums, the link is active (search on ListBox then subsearch on Header). I’ll let Dave post it here if he wants.

a different approach

Nice !