How can you deploy your desktop application with a PostgreSQL?


How can you deploy your desktop application with a PostgreSQL?
I mean:

  1. I installed the PostgreSQL on Windows and my application uses it as a repository.
  2. Another application should be able to connect to the PostgreSQL from other machine.
  3. User could choose a different directory(Installation Directory) and installer should copy the pre-configured PostgreSQL to the directory.

I was wondering if how you deploy your desktop application.
SQLite case is very simple. Because it is just a flat file. But I need to use PostgreSQL for allowing multiple client request.
Do you just install PostgreSQL silently in your Installer and run a script to modify the database setting value?

I use separate instructions for installing PostgreSQL and installing my app. Installing PostgreSQL is trivial on all platforms, and would limit you when new versions of PostgreSQL came out or pre-existed on the machine.

I think the installation of PostgreSQL service itself should be separated from installing a desktop application and you should not distribute PostgreSQL since it is provided on . You cannot be held responsible for security updates etc. , since it is a server-platform the customers’ system-admin should be aware of.

Googling PostgreSQL silent install will get you started. The only software I know that does install postgres on an end users machine is “Poker Tracker”, which features some million installations and is probably good enough for a proof of concept. Still, I would probably not go down that route, as PG is essentially a client server DB.