How can ShowModalWithin trigger an OutOfBoundsException?

I have this trace I get from automated exception reports:


This seems like it’s the framework throwing the OutOfBoundsException, not my own code. What scenario could cause something like that?


I’ve been getting these types of exceptions a lot from ShowModal calls in the past 6 months or so. It’s as if dialog code has switched off catching exceptions in internal code. Darned if I know why.

To be fair, my suspicion is that the exception is happening in my code, but the trace can’t seem to see that. That also leaves me with little hope of finding it.

When I said “internal code” I should have said “my code internal to the dialog window”. I agree with you. I can’t seem to be able to reproduce any of the exceptions that my users are reporting, which doesn’t help me much.

I’ve seen this behavior too. Ended up writing our own stack trace system, only for no more mysterious ShowModal exceptions to occur.

My suspicion is that the stack is wrong because of the ShowModal for some reason.