How can I read a fmp12 (FileMaker db) with Xojo?

I downloaded a data base file and wanted to know what’s inside.

Its File Extension is fmp12.

How can I read that with Xojo ?

Use BinaryStream.

Seriously, you can’t read a FileMaker database w/o FileMaker. Unless you know the file format.

The only valid information in the file is a set of printer plist files. The remainding of the file is gliberish (binary data with lots or YESNO and AMPM; globally: non sense data).

I was hoping a simple solution, but not the advice I read in the internet… with Google “Open FileMaker and…”.

Have you checked

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Thank you for the tip.

I just do that. But it is expensive for reading only one file.

I am reading ODBC entry from the LR, looks promising.

to access filemaker data via odbc, you still need a running filemaker app, and then share via odbc the data file. then only via xojo and odbc you could theoretically connect to the filemaker database …

Thank you.

I searched on App Store, no Reader (nor Run Time). The Search feature is… strange !
(Try to search Xojo and you’ll understand).

At least, I was expecting to find a web export (just like some locked with password pdf that can unlock them, for example).

Another dead end!

I am cursed !

FileMaker is not available in the App Store !

filemaker seems available at, and there is a 45d demo
may be you could try this ?
Download a free Claris FileMaker Pro trial

Thank you. ? I do not know if it was that one or a french Claris… I was there, but registering to get a 45d Demo… boring !

I was there (; I checked my browser history).