how can I get the panelindex of a containercontrol ???

it’s easy to get the panelindex of a control in a window
but how to get the panelindex of a containercontrol ?
I want to know if a particular containercontrol is in the tabpanel that was just selected

you can get the tabpanelindex of a containercontrol, but it always seems to be zero
and tabpanelindex should be deprecated

It seems PanelIndex does not exist for ContainerControl instances. So it is TabPanelIndex until it does.

But as far as I know it has no reason to be anything else than zero when the CC instance is not on a TabPanel or a PagePanel.

Aren’t you confusing with TabIndex ?

no in fact I found the problem : tabpanelindex is 1-based and value of the pagepanel is zero-based …
you effectively need to use tabpanelindex in containercontrol, but you need to substract 1 to get the “usable” value !