How add Toolbar to the Parent Window in MDI app?

In creating an MDI how do I add a toolbar to the main parent window? I can add a toolbar to child windows I just cannot figure out how to get one on the parent. In fact I do not see the parent window in the project but it is there when I run the app.


You cannot add a toolbar to the MDI parent window with Xojo. It might be possible to add one manually using Declares to Win32 APIs, but I do not know.

And although Xojo lets you create MDI apps, in general you should probably not be creating MDI apps in this day and age.

MDI is not actively encouraged by MS (not sure they ever deprecate anything)
But their current UX guidelines certainly dont mention MDI as a recommended design style
They haven’t for some time


Why are MDI apps discouraged? I often have customers who like to have several windows open in their accounting applications so they can switch back and forth between them. If a customer calls while they are in the middle of entering an invoice it is certainly nice to switch to the customer window without leaving your invoice etc. How should this functionality between handled without MDI?


You can have multiple windows open in your app. Just don’t restrict them inside a “parent” window like MDI does. That way, the user can open multiple windows and move them around the monitor, or onto multiple monitors, however he sees fit. MDI is a very restrictive UI.

That makes good sense.