How 2 download Xojo docs

Is it possible to download the entire Xojo docs for offline reading ? (not just the pdf intro books)

The docs already come with your installation. Change your preference to not use the online documentation.

thanks TIm.
The file is "xojo reference guide.PDF. Doesn anybody know how to put it into a samsung tablet and make it readable with the wiki system ? I mean what app do I need ? thanks

Err the wiki system and a pdf reference guide are very different things.

Im missing something. I only found the PDF files inside the documentation folder… where is the wiki sistem for offline use then ?

In the IDE

Unless you’re running mediawiki + Xojo’s custom extensions the wiki is online via a web browser or in the IDE

It’s not an offline wiki. It’s a database that xojo displays in a manner similar to the wiki pages. You need the IDE to use it.

Ok now I get it ! It’s an internal database while I thought it was a PDF or something similar.

A PDF, while nice & portable for offline reading, doesn’t let us do a lot of the things the IDE needs to do like jump to a specific item in the LR, read various data from the LR to present in the IDE as tips, the library etc.
The LR is a lot more than just light reading from the IDE’s perspective.

Go here and download the whole Xojo docs as a single .docset file

You can view it with Dash (OSX) and Zeal (windoz, linux).

Here a Project File

it works on Mac (with downloading Docs on first Start)

On Windows you must change the code on downloader.DownloadComplete
( if you find a way to unzip tgz with shell in Windows)
or comment all out, extract the docset in ‘Downloads’ and load it in the App Menu
also disable the ‘full search’ Textfield (or find a method for Windows)

thanks Axel !!