Hover over variables in IDE doesn't show info in bottom of text editor

In 2022r2 I could hover over a variable in my code and confirm that the variable or control referenced actually exists, its type I believe, stuff like that. It would show up in the syntax help area at the bottom.

In 2022r3.2 this still works for methods (mine or framework) but not for variables or control names.

Am I missing some configuration item or other factor, or is this a bug? I’m experiencing the new expanded syntax help for overloads, etc., but it’s quit working for variable and control names.

Works for variables and class properties here. 2022r3.2 macos Mojave.

I’m on Monterey 12.5.1 if it matters.

Maybe I’m mis-remembering how 3.2 worked. I’ve been away from the IDE for about 3 weeks.

I have this line of code:

btnCloneWS.Visible = False

I can hover over Visible and see that it’s a Boolean. If I hover over btnCloneWS I get nothing; I could swear that in 3.2 I could hover over a control name and get feedback that it’s a DesktopButton. But I suppose if btnCloneWS didn’t exist then Visible would also give me nothing. That’s acceptable, if not intuitive. Maybe it works that way in 3.2 as well? I’m kind of afraid to fire that back up and open the same project as I’m in the middle of work. Can anyone confirm if this is the normal behavior?