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Can’t believe my thread is still going. So basically any VPS would be good?

No, any VPS will not do.

I cannot speak in general term, but must share my experience. The VPS I was at before ran Xojo web apps and I was content. Then I proceeded to use the download example as a base for my own online delivery system. But it did not work. Somehow the zip file that was downloaded did not match what I had uploaded. I even posted a report on this forum. Then I decided to double check with a PHP script : same difference. Fact is, somehow the host did not send the entirety of the file and the truncated data could not be used. Then I tried to get support from the hosting service and was told there was no support for such an issue. They are part of the reported above as substandard.

1-Definitely do not go for cheap VPS. You need a minimum of support.
2-Ask before signing up if they support Xojo web apps. If they do not even know what you are talking about, move on.

I rather go with a hosting service whose people participate in this forum. They understand Xojo web apps and will provide support accordingly. Would you have your car serviced at a place where they do not know mechanics ?

Support and knowledge of Xojo by the hosting company is mandatory when planning to run Xojo web apps. Otherwise, you will run into problems getting support from the host as they are in business to sell hosting accounts not technical provide support on software. Most hosts know about the basics. Fewer know what Xojo is.

I host with and it has been awesome. Good price and speed but moreover the guy REALLY knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

Also it would be great to know what Xojo itself comes up with in the future as they have the cloud hosting option as a product but no pricing or dating information

It seems the hosting issue is the biggest drawback for switching over to xojo for developing web apps. I have played around with the examples and tried to get them running on a managed VPS in Germany. In order to comply to security regulations here, I would have to do the hosting in Germany.

But not only in Germany, also all the other hosting providers do not offer a managed VPS if you want to run Xojo web apps that need to open up additional ports on the machine. So that means that you have to take care of the VPS by yourself and that means another job that needs to be payed for! I am not a systems administrator and so far I can not pay one.

Am I wrong or has anyone a solution to this problem: Mangaged VPS Hosting in Germany??

Thanks for your attention.

Harry one option for you might be to acquire a German VPS or server and contract someone to manage it for you. In such scenarios you should be able to dictate to the firm what your system requirements are. Simply having a managed VPS is not enough, you need to be specific about Xojo’s requirements so you have a smooth experience using it.

Phillip, thank you for your reply. But this was what I wanted to avid: contracting an extra systems administrator. In the meantime I checked back with my hosting provider and they said that it should not be a problem to run a compiled binary in the cgi-bin folder. And in fact, some other binaries like Image Magick for example do work. I started another tread since I suspect something is going wrong here with xojo compiling the binary. Pleade find my thread here:

I know this is an old thread, but I’m curious if is in fact @Phillip Zedalis as the previously-linked url is 404’ing.

Yes, 1701 and ServerWarp are @Phillip Zedalis

Great, thanks!

[quote=40902:@Shane Gibbs]Would anyone recommend me a host that actually knows what Xojo Web Apps are and where they get complied? Give me several.

According to my host, Xojo WE Apps would not be able to be used on shared hosting. They claim that compiling requires root access.

Um, where? Xojo compiles on the computer it’s installed no matter what the targeted platform, and I don’t see how running WE apps would even require root access.[/quote]

Just upload it, they probably misunderstood or so. Xojo web is nothing more than a user-accound served binary with cgi-sciript for shared hosting it’s possible to use but a VPS should be the better option