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Would anyone recommend me a host that actually knows what Xojo Web Apps are and where they get complied? Give me several.

According to my host, Xojo WE Apps would not be able to be used on shared hosting. They claim that compiling requires root access.

Um, where? Xojo compiles on the computer it’s installed no matter what the targeted platform, and I don’t see how running WE apps would even require root access.

I’ve run test apps on my standard GoDaddy account, so no.

That’s what I thought. How is GoDaddy Hosting?

Mostly fine, with infrequent outages.

So the outage rate is like every other host then?

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To answer Shane’s question: To need root access is probably not right - support probably meant shell access.

I am using’s shared web hosting for about a decade now, and am pretty happy with them. Support is quick. I have shell access there (had to ask for it and had to pay an extra installation fee once), and it allows me to install new executables in my home’s bin folder. Have no tried to install a Xojo Web app there yet, though. Maybe I should try. Mever done that before, though. If anyone can point me to a quick set of instructions for setting up a xojo executable on a Linux server for this, I’m going to try.

The principle problem with shared hosting is not that its compiled or not. It’s the fact that Xojo web apps are port binding daemons. Shared hosting will not like (if not completely disallow) the ability for executables launched from Apache to bind to a random port. Lastly they may not like the CPU/RAM that is consumed for a Xojo app while it waits for users. Unlike PHP and scripting languages that fire up, interpret, end, Xojo web apps have a much longer lifecycle and therefore consuming resources other shared users could be utilizing.

Good point, Phillip. Maybe I shouldn’t try this on my server in order to not upset them.

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Anyway. Dedicated web hosting isn’t that much more expensive if you’re using virtual server hosting. Though the same problems, especially with CPU and RAM usage, may apply there, so that a hoster where you try this might eventually decide to cancel your contract because the Xojo app is using unexpectedly high resources.

So when choosing dedicated/virtual resources I always recommend the following:

  • Do they have a system for automated restarts and reinstalls? Let’s say you discover you are using CentOS x64 and you’d rather have x86 for Xojo. Do you have to email/call support to get it re-loaded or can you manage your system image automatically?
  • What is their bandwidth policy? NOT because you will use a ton of bandwidth but because many hosts handle DDoS in different ways. You never know who had that IP Address before you and you don’t want to deal with an ISP that closes your account for DDoS that you aren’t at fault for (OVH for example).

Seriously? I mean, those hosters should know the history of the IP and should understand if the attack not caused by the new user.

But then, you’re talking about the U.S., where law and order rules above reason :wink:

Yeah I’m not saying you’ll get banned for what you didn’t do… but once an IP is used for spamming/torrents, whatever it’s forever tarnished. Also hosts buy IP’s in blocks so maybe they didn’t manage it when it was bad. It’s really hard to say. It’s best to find a host that has sensible terms for when things go wrong is my main point.

I still don’t understand what you suggest. What kind of terms do you think of? That I can cancel immediately (getting my pro-rated fees back) if I’m getting subjected to DDoS attacks?

My suggestion is to avoid companies such as OVH, 1&1, Hetzner and look for quality server providers that includes some layer of DDoS Attacks and they whitelist and provide clean IPs to new customers. These I mentioned are known for their cheap prices, but at a cost. I have had the same problem with blacklisted IPs (previous owner sending spam, installed game servers that were DDosed, etc).

I typed up this great example and somehow I saw dupes, then deleted both… hmm… Anyway Amando made the point much more elegantly than I did.

Moreover, it would be very interesting to have anonymous statistics:

  • The average size of a Xojo app in RAM. I know it depends greatly on the application, but the minima and maxima would be interesting to know.

  • The average percentage of use of a microprocessor

  • The stability of a Xojo web app.

it would be great if 1701software could generate such statistics, monthly or quaterly for example :slight_smile:
It would also advertise for this hosting service.

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I have been hosting my apps since August and am delighted with service and availability :slight_smile:

My company now provides VPS hosting for Xojo web apps in case you want to check out my offering.