Horizontal Sidebar on Huge Listbox

Hi all!

I have a Listbox with several Columns on it, obviously I can Display all columns, but I want to show the Horizontal bar to display all columns, and I dunno how to do it.

Any Ideas?

Enable it in the IDE (ScrollBarHorizontal)

or in ListBox.Open
me.ScrollBarHorizontal = true

Yeah I have enabled.

I use this:


I dunno if this is correct for set the correct size for the columns on the listbox.


Scrollbars in ListBox are displayed only when they are needed.

this has been discussed many times, and most people seem to have a hard time grasping it :slight_smile:

The horizontal scrollbar on a Listbox will only appear if the SUM TOTAL of the COLUMN WIDTH exceeds the DISPLAY WIDTH

So in your example, you have 80,80 and 45 this is 205, if your listbox width is greater or equal to 205 the Horizontal scroll bar will not appear , no matter what you do. If the listbox width is less than 205 then you can decide to show it or not.

Note : if you have an “*” in your ColumnWidths description, the horizontal bar will not show (as this is a flexible column, that will expand to fill the display area), that is unless the sum of the OTHER column width is greater than the display width.