Horizontal move in Scrollable Area

Is it possible to trigger horizontal movement in a ScrollableArea? I tried to apply a big image to a container inside the ScrollableArea, but I could invoke only a vertical move (in contrast to the same code in iOS).

Nope it’s not possible since the underlaying Android control only supports vertical scrolling. Xojo needs to update the control to another Android subclass to make this happen and give Xojo users the same experience as on iOS.

In your case, maybe a MobileCanvas combined with DrawPicture helps.

Thanks for the answer.
Using Canvas was my first option, but probably because of the high resolution, the move is not smooth, and the image change appears after a few seconds.

Another idea: canvas again, paintin in whatever color, bottom up.
eg if your value is in the variable percent, the painting would be

g.forecolor = &c000000
g.fillrect 0,0,g.width,g.height 

dim theheight as double = g.height * percent/100
g.forecolor = &cff0000
g.fillrect 0, g.height - theheight, g.width, theheight

You just need to invalidate the canvas