High Sierra Bugs and Issues

As the Public Beta is upon us, I thought I’d set up a thread where we can share any bugs or issues with High Sierra and any workarounds that we’ve found. I’ve filed reports for all these bugs, but I’ll be honest in the last few years I’ve found that very few bugs get fixed, so if you have a workaround please share also.

Using the OpenGLSurface is borked in my applications. I’ve got 3 issues.

When running on a Retina display, content is only displayed in bottom left hand corner.
I’ve narrowed this one down to the Apple conversion methods [NSView convertRectToBacking:] to constantly returning a 1x rectangle.
Use the backingScale of the window, which is against Apple recommendations.

Hiding and reshowing a window causes the OpenGLSurface to be either solid black or transparent (allowing the desktop to bleed through).
No workaround.

Entering Full Screen causes OpenGLSurface to become transparent (showing Window background).
No workaround

I’m guessing it has to be converted to Metal.

[h]Core Image[/h]
With almost every new version of the macOS, Apple manage to break Core Image. I guess they don’t use it anymore themselves.

[CIKernel kernelWithString:] doesn’t return a CIKernel.
use [CIKernel kernelsWithString:] instead, which returns a NSArray.

Window Layering Changes
The behavior of window layering has changed - for example an app used to be able to call [NSWindow setLevel:2002] and have the window show up in front of all other windows from other processes (including the ScreenSaver, if running). This no longer works. Our bug report was closed essentially as as “functioning as designed”. If you have an app that does anything clever with levels, I’d do some serious testing. No workaround known at this time.

Do we have to wait 'till Xojo 2017r2 released before starting to make reports ?
I think so, but this is just me.

I think they’re talking about bug reports to Apple that are found while using Xojo

Sam, I’m not seeing the same OpenGL problems in my testing - are you using legacy profile or modern?

So far I’ve not received any responses to my bug reports; I even included Obj-C code illustrating some of the issues.

Correct; the aim is to make a list of macOS bugs new to High Sierra so that we (as a community) are aware of them, and hopefully if there are any workarounds.