High resolution PixmapShape

I will print a text on paper, 45° turned anti clockwise.
I have used the code below.
But the resolution is not so good as normal.
Using the Code, “p.QualityMax=100”, dosn’t works.
What to do?

Dim p As Picture p=new picture(100,20,32) p.Graphics.TextSize=10 p.graphics.DrawString("Hallo World"5,15) p.QualityMax=100 Dim px as PixmapShape px=New PixmapShape(p(X)) px.rotation =315/57.2958 g.DrawObject px,60,100

change the printer horizontal and vertical resolution in the pagesetup properties ?

I have used:

Ps.MaxHorizontalResolution=1200 Ps.MaxVerticalResolution=1200

But it Dosn’t Work.