High ASCII values in Sqlite

When I store a string in a Sqlite table like “8C\BK^µ<8AT.]” and I retrieve it again it is like “8 C \B K^ < 8 AT.]”, some characters are missing or garbled.

This has obviously something to do with codetables, stuff I’m not so familiair with. Can I add a parameter to the SQlite database or can I force a certain type of encoding when storing these strings?

Edit: I checked the encoding of the database, it is UTF-8

When you get the data back out make sure you call DefineEncoding on the value

Encoding information is not transferred to or from the database. It’s just a bag of bytes. Use DefineEncoding, like Norman said.

Thanks. Trying that.

Alexander wrote:

Such definition never existed (even if a google quest returns hits).

OK, extended ASCII… everything from 128 up to 255…

I think Emile’s point is that there really is no such thing as “high” or “extended” ASCII - historically a number of vendors / OSs used characters in the range 128…255 but each one was unique and different. These were eventually standardized into ISO 8859, but even then “there are so many standards to choose from” (8859-1, 8859-2 etc.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extended_ASCII

Yes Michael, that is it.

Alexander, better write about a Character Table with values from 128 to 255.

In fact, since we have UTF-8, I do not understand why someone have to use Windows 1252 or MacRoman or…

Better (and simpler): use UTF-8.