Hierarchical List box Question

I know how to make a simple Hierarchical listbox from the Language reference example but, I want to go beyond that and would appreciate any coding help/examples.

Here’s what I want to do…

I have one listbox with 3 or 4 columns of info which is populated from a MySQL data table called PROGRAMS

Each Program has either one or multiple OFFICES. I can display a second Listbox of the Offices but…

I would like to use the Hierarchical feature if possible so that a user can expand/drill down on a given Program and display the list of offices (which is also populated from another MySQL table.

Hi Rick - have a look at this.

This is what I see when I clidk on your link…

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kEditClear typeInt ???defnStrn???a&Delete flagInt ???CInsGrup???0?ÝÚpltfInt ???langInt ???defnStrn???a&Delete EndGInt ?ÝÚCInsGrup???0?ÝÛpltfInt ???langInt ???defnStrn???a&Delete EndGInt ?ÝÛEndGInt ?ÝÙPadnPadn??

right-click the link and Save Link As

Got it … thanks guys, I’ll examine it tomorrow at work. At home at the moment, had a quick look at the code, etc but don’t have MySQL on home system. Looks fairly straight forward tho.