HiDPI mode gets confused when 3x picture in the image set

43655 - HiDPI mode gets confused when 3x picture in the image set

OS: OS X 10.11.5

Xojo: Xojo 2016r1

Steps: When all three pictures 1x 2x and 3x are present in an image set, in a canvas backdrop or ImageWell the app on a Retina screen displays 2x in lieu of 1X and 3x in lieu of 2x.

Run the attached project to see this.


It may not be urgent, since we do not have yet 3x Macs, but it would be nice to plan for the future.

I found that if I always set the 1x to 72ppi, the 2x to 144ppi and the 3x to 216ppi, things seem to work. Not sure if you tried that.

Nope. It does not change a thing. I am not surprised, though. As far as I understand it, only the absolute number of pixels counts.

Strange. I’m trying now and it seems works to here.
I’ve changed FolderIconFontsx3 to 216dpi.
Did you drag it in the picture set again. :slight_smile:

Non retina:


Well, here I have an incorrect display in both modes, even after dragging the new pictures in. Also, the three pictures set does not scale correctly in the canvas backdrop.

Non retina


That’s so strange. Maybe you’re using a Beta and something has changed? I’m on plain 2016R1.
Just in case, here’s the png.
The only thing I did was opening it in Preview, Tools->AdjustSize->Change Resolution to 216. Then drag it back at the 3x position in the project.

edit: and the project:

I tried in 2016R1. I had changed the dpi in Photoshop.

Now I used the picture you had prepared, and it works !

I know what happened : the 3x picture I used was 72x72 instead of 48x48.