HiDPI IDE support

I’ve recently adopted a laptop with a native resolution of 3200x1800. Linux is my platform of choice and Xojo is my last and only tool that I haven’t managed to tweak to a usable state.

Question is, will Xojo support the HiDPI resolutions in the IDE anytime soon or is there a hidden pixel scaling option I can use? If there are plans, may I ask what time frame you are anticipating?

Thanks in advance

Example …

A little mouse told me it could very well be here soon :wink:

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Under Linux?

As far as Jerry knows all platforms…
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Jerry is mistaken. We have not announced anything regarding HiDPI support on Linux.

Never trust a cartoon character. Sorry.

Maybe a solution would be to install the HiDPI Windows IDE when it is released in a Wine bottle ?

Or a virtual machine…

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