Hiding the page orientation option in PageSetup dialog?

I have an app that will be controlling page orientation and margins on it’s own, and I am wondering if there is a way to show the PageSetup dialog without showing the page orientation and (for Windows) the margin options in it?

The app is for Mac OS X and Windows.

I do want the users to be able to choose the print and paper size.


I wonder what would be involved in creating your own dialog. That is what some applications do, such as PhotoShop.

I’ve done quite a bit with NSPrinting (on OSX) and AFAIK, there is no way to preset the page setup without having the orientation, however, you can override it (I think in Xojo there’s a property on the PrinterSetup object called Landscape).

You can create your own Page Setup dialog using Core Printing functions, but then all your printing needs to be converted to Core Graphics.

Yes, it’s easy to override user choices by setting .Landscape in code. I really need to stick to Xojo’s printing/graphics methods, so I expect users will just have to learn to ignore the orientation, as I’ll ignore their choices…:slight_smile:

Still you may see a lot of bug reports for not doing landscape when requested…

I would suggest; on Page Setup closing you check this setting and inform them that it needs to be in Portrait and you app has auto corrected it.

In our card application; if the paper is Landscape, I rotate the context to be portrait. Trouble with that is Xojo graphics functions don’t respect it, so Everything must done in Core Graphics… Which of course is not X-plat, and extra work.

The app prints a bunch of pre-defined reports, some of which are landscape and others are portrait. Selected ones all need to be printed in one print job, so my app forces all printing to portrait and then rotates the text and other elements of the page 90 degrees when the page is in landscape, otherwise it prints them normally. They can also set the orientation just before print time when they choose which reports they want printed.

That’s why I was hoping that part of the dialog could be hidden, they’re getting landscape when they want it, but not through that dialog. I’m trusting users will learn to stop thinking too much…:wink:

After the Printer Setup dialog, you could display a MsgBox with something like “Some reports print Portrait or Landscape automatically, no matter which option has been selected in the printer setup”. That would prevent users from freaking out.

Long time ago in the (French) Print industry, the now called Landscape was called “à l’italienne”.

Then, the computer came, became an industry and they translated Landscape to Paysage (leaving old typographist / printer industry) with their own saying that is certainly dead nowadays :frowning:

What if the printer have feeders to print in Portrait / Landscape ?

I mean: print in Portrait on a Feeder where the paper is placed as Landscape ?

Typographers never got over the computer era. Old timers hate it with a vengeance. In my trade, some resisted tooth and nail computerized fonts, considering only etched characters like “true” typography. Landscape it is, DPi point as well (Didot died long ago), and paper has turned electrons :wink:

Ha ha ha…

What I will probably do is a dialog that comes up if they change the orientation or margins from what they were when the dialog was presented. That they they won’t see it once they learn that resistance is futile…:slight_smile: