hiding tabs

One one view of my app, when I rotate it, I change the display to show a lot more data. It would be extremely helpful to be able to hide the tab bar.
Is this possible?

Use a different iosScreen with a different iOsView

Derk, can that be changed at runtime? I thought that was just set once for the build. Learn something new every day…

can’t you just set it to not visible in Landscape mode?
I know for a fact its a trivial thing to do in Swift

Dave, that’s what I hoped to do, but I don’t see how to reference it.

What I’m doing now, which I can live with but it’s not perfect is:

Using one of the extensions I’m pushing to a new view that is full screen when I detect the rotation. On the new view detects the rotation it dismisses itself.

I say it’s not perfect, but perhaps this is a good way to do it.

Yes you can,
read on the bottom of the page here:

You want to assign a different iOSScreen which has only certain (landscape or portrait) orientations.
One iOSScreen is setup to have tabs, the other to have no tabs.
Set a default iOsView for each of the iOSScreens.

You do loose the current hierarchy i think