Hide Minimize/Maxmize & Close on MessageDialog

Is it possible to remove the top bar of a MessageDialog thus removing the minimise/maximize/close icons.

Are you sure you mean a MessageDialog and not a window? I don’t see any window controls on a MessageDialog.

For a window, you can unselect the following in the layout mode of the window, to remove the buttons.

  • Has Close Button
  • Has Maximize Button
  • Has Minimize Button
  • Has Full Screen Button

You could also change the window type to “Modal Dialog” to remove the entire window title bar.

There are other options available via Declares and Plus-ins.

I think there are on Windows, no?

They appear on a Linux compiled app (Raspberry Pi).

Code is:-

Var d As New MessageDialog // declare the MessageDialog object
Var b As MessageDialogButton // for handling the result
d.Icon = MessageDialog.GraphicCaution // display warning icon
d.ActionButton.Caption = “Save && Reboot”
d.CancelButton.Visible = True // show the Cancel button
'd.AlternateActionButton.Visible = True //Show the Alternative Action Button
'd.AlternateActionButton.Caption = “Save && Reboot”
d.Message = “Do you want to save changes & reboot”
d.Explanation = “If you don’t save & reboot, your changes will be lost.”
b = d.ShowModalWithin(MainWindow) //display the dialog in the window

you could make a custom window set it’s frame to PLAIN Box or something similar.

If other applications on the same OS show MessageBoxes without these icons, then it’s a Xojo bug and should probably be reported in Feedback.
If they don’t, the buttons should appear.

Make your choice :wink:

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Submitted a bug via feedback.

Any update on this? I appreciate Nick submitting this. Have just encountered this myself.

I don’t get any minimize or maximize controls in MessageDialog on Windows. I can’t speak for the other platforms.

Seems to happen on Raspberry Pi compiles.

Raspberry Pi is where I picked up the issue but I believe it affects linux generally.