Hide Keyboard on MobileTextfield

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Can someone explain me how to hide or not display keyboard when you set focus on MobileTextfield?

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Set it to readonly?

But I want to write text into Textfield with a Barcode Scanner. I need to add text to the textfield but I want to hide keyboard.

Have you tried it? Because normally, it’s automatic (on an IOS app in general). If a barcode scanner is connected to the iPad, the iPad no longer displays a keyboard, only a small status bar at the bottom, with arrows to move on to the next control. At least if the scanner is connected in standard HID mode. And if the scanner supports it, a double press on the scanner trigger will display the keyboard. And a further double press will remove it.

EDIT : Sorry, I’m not wide awake, I thought we were talking about iPads! On Android, it’s a bit similar. The scanner is recognized as an external keyboard if connected in HID mode (it’s the normal/standard mode). I believe that here too, the touch keyboard is then no longer displayed. But you’ll have to look at the settings and options for external keyboards in the Android settings.

In the handhelds that I have tried always open keyboard on focus… I can scan without problems but i don’t want to show keyboard on fields that require scanning. An actually it opens keyboard on focus.

Maybe this one is relevant to you?



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That’s I want to do when textfield get focus. but there is no option to onfocus on androis textfield.

What will happens when the scanned code was rejected (not recognized) ?

I have a button to enable the keyboard.if I can’t scan barcode.

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I have the function but I don’t know how to set on onfocus event.in android.

There is no FocusReceived/FocusLost event at the moment on Android.