Hide Button Icon?

Is it possible to hide the icon for a BevelButton?
I tried:




but neither works :frowning:

If not, is it possible to make it partially transparent - as when you set a button to “enabled=false”, the icon is still displayed completely opaque.

Thank you all in advance.

Since BevelButton.Icon is a property of type Picture (so an object), I’d try

btn_Save.icon = nil

Thank you very much - that solved that part.

Any ideas if it is possible to make the icon partially transparent?

Sure. Take a look at Mask/Transparency of the Picture class.

Thanks - I already looked at that though, and for a part-timer like me - It tells me nothing at all which I can understand :frowning:

Thanks anyway.

[code] DIM tPictureToUseAsIcon As Picture = YOUR_IMAGE_HERE // this is the image file to use
DIM tWidth As Integer = tPictureToUseAsIcon.Width // the width
DIM tHeight As Integer = tPictureToUseAsIcon.Height // the height

DIM tIcon As NEW Picture(tWidth, tHeight) // create a new picture object the same size as the imae
tIcon.Graphics.Transparency = 50.0 // control the transparency for drawing the image to the new picture object
tIcon.Graphics.DrawPicture tPictureToUseAsIcon, 0, 0 // draw the image to the new picture object

me.Icon = tIcon[/code]