Hi-dpi app

i want to switch my app to support hi-dpi, because the fonts look blurry on my iMac 5k. So i switched on “Supports Hi-DPI” but then it starts with errors “UnsupportedOperationException” etc. If i use “convert to image” on all of my graphics i use in my app, it works but then it’s kinda slow when resizing the ui and so on…
So, where to start? I read that i have to change the way i create my pictures but i really don’t know whats the right way…


Did you read this: HiDPI_Support ?

ok, from the docs:

The algorithm iterates through the indexed images, first finding picture with the closest number of pixels to the destination, preferring the next largest image if no exact match is found.
If multiple pictures match, the picture with the DPI closest to the destination scale is chosen.[/quote]

is it possible, that the slower performance in the ui (e.g. when resizing a window) is because i only have 1x images added an it has to be scaled?

This is not the correct question. To get a Retina (Apple name for HiDPI) image displayed, you have to have the same image twice or thrice (standard size, @2x and @3x). I did not read that document, but there must be the explanation there.

I read it now.

Read the paragraph called Image Sets for an explanation about what image the OS will use for display (in Retina mode).

Edit: in case I was not crystal clear, if you want to take advantage of the Retina (HiDPI) feature, you have to use an Image set with the 1x, 2x and 3x images as described in the Image Sets paragraph; else, you will get the same result on screen.
You also probably have to have a Retina (HiDPI) screen (monitor) to be able to watch the difference (the better display).