Hewing and capturing a devices camera feed

Hi all.
I’ve been using Anthony’s amazing GraffitiSuite pluggin to view a camera feed in my webpage for a few months now and it’s amazing. What I need now though is the ability to record video and save on a server. Have anyone played with the webgl classes that do this kind of work?

there are a few opensource commandline tools which can record a video stream.
you could install this on server and start it via shell from xojo app.
have a look at raspberry pi act as security cam.

Thanks for this. Would they be able to record the users webcam though or the server?

i think at point of view from user the browser is the streaming server.
without any extra setup firefox can do a video chat.

Hi Markus,

Could you point me to one, or a few if you don’t mind, of those open source command line tools?


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