Here's my project! Is it possible?

With a Web application
Each user connected to my local network could send a photo via a simple web page.
On a second page, I’d like to display the photos sent for a few seconds each time. Is this possible?
If so, do you have any examples?
Thanks for your help.

Sounds like a variant of the chat example app.
You may need a web file uploaded to pick and upload the image.
And instead of showing chat messages to everyone, you would show the current picture in an image view.

Ok thanks for this information.
If not, is it possible to start from a desktop application and within it launch a web application?

Why would you involve a desktop application? A web app is sufficient.

Yes! it’s totally possible to make this using Xojo Web.

If you’re starting, then you can split this project into different iterations:

  1. Try to drop a few images from your hard disk into your Xojo project and, using a WebImageViewer and a WebTimer, rotate them every 5s.
  2. Instead of hardcoding the images, add a WebFileUploader into your WebPage to upload them.
  3. Create a WebDialog and move the WebFileUploader there. Investigate how to create your own events and raise one as soon as there is a new image available. You can display your dialog by dropping it into your WebPage and using the WebDialog.Show method.
  4. Xojo Web uses WebSession to deal with each instance of your web application (i.e. each browser tab or window). Depending on how you implement this, you can go through them using the WebApplication.Sessions iterator.

Examine the provided examples and try to implement this by yourself. If you get stuck, ask the community, we’re looking forward to help.


I’d like to monetize the application and be able to open additional pages as an administrator.

Thank you very much for these directions :pray:
I will practice and get back to you.

You can do that with a web app. I don’t know how a desktop app would help.