Helper Console and Images

I have a app that is using a few console helper apps to do multiple things. One of the things it does is receive data via a EasyTCPSocket and using the ChartDirector add-on, creates a picture that is sent to the WebInterface to display it. I would like to add a .png into the picture that it makes for the WebInterface. The picture its making shows RPM, PSI, and temperature for a waterpump. From the web interface there are some buttons that allow you to control the RPM’s but my employer would prefer a Rabbit and Turtle instead of the buttons that are currently there. I could add these into the picture on the Web Interface side but I would prefer to do it in the Console helper so the picture is complete when it is sent. I tried to import the .png into the console app but it gave me an error stating that I can’t import that type into console apps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t you load it at runtime from somewhere on disk in the console app instead of trying to embed it into the project? Load it once, store it and use it when needed instead of hitting the disk for every request.