Helper App and Libs

My problem:
I have a document window that I use to display ‘contextual help’ - it contains an HTMLViewer and displays a local page relevant to what is on screen.
On Mac, this works fine.
On Windows, the window just beeps when clicked upon… I can find no reason for this, and I have wasted enough time trying to ‘fix’ the window.

My idea:
On Windows, if I compile a small app which does nothing but display the web page in response to a command line, I should be able to get around that.

For Windows, I still build in Xojo 2015.
This creates 2 folders … myapp Libs and myapp Resources

The query:
I understand why the Resources folder is named… it has icons and text relevant to the app name.
But the Libs folder surely must contain ‘same old same old’ DLL files

So if I create a second app called ContextHelp.exe , is there a way to have it in the same folder and use (rather than duplicate) all those DLL files?

You can use the generic “Libs” folder and place all the dll’s in that. Just be very sure that you build all the apps with the same version of Xojo.

See for more info.