Help with Xcode 5

So I let Xcode upgrade itself to version 5, and now I can’t figure out how to build a 32-bit target. The only destination that shows is “My 64-bit Mac”. Any hints?

Check that you have a valid SDK selected in the build settings.

It’s lost my older SDKs. Only option now is 10.8. I built with that, but Xojo didn’t load the plugin. I’m downloading 4.3.3 right now and hoping to transplant the 10.7 SDK.

If it can’t load a plugin, it should log an error to the console with the reason. There shouldn’t be any problems relating to using the 10.8 SDK for a plugin.

I built the .dylib with Xcode 5, installed it in my Plugin folder and got this message on the console:

10/11/13 5:20:30.029 PM Xojo[8724]: [RB] Unable to load plugin SSG Mac.dylib

That’s all it shared. I had an old .dylib built with Xcode 4.x and it loaded fine. I suspect that Xcode 5 won’t build a 32 bit dylib because I can’t select a 32-bt destination.

35 more minutes of download for Xcode 4.3.3…

It builds 32-bit dylibs for me, so I suspect there’s something wrong with your build settings. As for the error message, I forgot that it logs to stderr, so you’ll need to launch Xojo by the full path to the executable (in Terminal).

Well, I’m going to write this one up to operator cluelessness. In the target settings, I was trying to manipulate the “resolved” architecture and not having any luck. This was before adding 10.6 and 10.7 SDKs, but I don’t think that mattered. I’m up and going, and successfully built my plugin with Xcode 5. Thanks for your patience, Joe.