Help with project, possible open source?


If I upload the source code to a project would anyone be willing to help get the pathfinding, enemies chase the player, working correctly ?

I made a simple scaled down demo, not really meant to be a game itself. Not much too it. The graphics are generated by code. Just some boxes and a circle. Player can move, enemy just wonders around aimlessly at the moment.

I’ve added in the pathfinding code fro the 1510 pathing finding example that I came across on xdevmag. I haven’t been able to get my mind wrapped around on how to tell the enemy to follow the path found.

If so, I would be willing to upload the source code on my site or where ever, and post link… :grin:


Just put it up on GitHub and see what happens :smiley:

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I have some pathfinding (A-star) algorithms in one of my (perpetually in development) Xojo games:

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You should add a Screenshot to your Repo/ :wink:

The repo is missing mathskit

@Sascha_S might have to look into that when I get time.

@GarryPettet Have to check that out when I get sometime.


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@DerkJ it’s here:

Thanks @GarryPettet,

i wish xojo had packages so it could pull such automaticly from your repo. As this is the … time such parts are missing in repositories online.