help with MIMEType send emal pdf attachment

Hi (DeskTop on Windows App)
This is my code but i can no open pdf files on my iphone

if mAttachFile <> “” then
file = new emailAttachment
file.MIMEType = “application/pdf”
file.ContentEncoding = “Base64”
file.Data = EncodeBase64(“PDF”)
file.loadFromFile getFolderItem(mAttachFile)
mail.attachments.append file
end if

What happens? What is the result? A bit more detail would be welcome.

Your code is rather strange. There are 2 lines for setting the ContentEncoding. Which aren’t needed. The same goes for the data of the file. You first encode and load the string “pdf” and then you load from a file. IS the file a pdf?

Here is my code for doing gzip files:

dim theAttachment as new EmailAttachment theAttachment.LoadFromFile(tempFile) theAttachment.Name = "CrashLogs.gz" theAttachment.MIMEType = "application/gzip"

I do seem to remember that the order of the code is important. Oh, and the attachments still show up with duplicate names even in 2016r1.

now works

works but the file name i get on iphone email is mime-attachmant.pdf and i set the name to Alex.pdf

if mAttachFile  <> "" then
  file = new emailAttachment
  file.loadFromFile getFolderItem(mAttachFile)
  file.MIMEType = "application/pdf"
  mail.attachments.append file
end if