Help with email sending form

Hello all.

I am getting an error when instantiating a web page that has a SMTPSecureSocket on it.

frmConfigEmailClientPage = New ConfigEmailClientPage

The error is zero, the description os InvalidArgumentException and in the variables for the xojo.core.invalidargumentexception is says:

ErrorNumber 0
Message SSLv2 is no longer supported.

The connection type is set to MailSocket.ConnectionType = SSLSocket.TLSv1
The connection mode is set to SSL/TLS

Not sure why this is or how to fix - or if this is even the reason why the code above won’t execute.

Any direction appreciated!


Found the cause!
If the ConnectionType is left as a 0 in the Inspector, it won’t work. Changing to another value (1 for example) will allow it to work.

Never seen this before, but glad it has been found!