Help with basic app using Airtable please

Hi all,

I have started learning Xojo as a way of learning programming. While I am working my way through the tutorials, I would like to build a basic app using data from Airtable as a way of learning more quickly. I have watched this webinar however I am using a PC version so do not have access to the iOS features.

Essentially, I would like the app to be able to:
a) allow a user to select or input parameters to search on
b) connect to an Airtable database and query the data using the parameters in a)
c) return and display the data in the desktop or web app

So far I have found the api part of the Airtable website and have been able to request some data from it by testing in Postman. However, I do not know how to go about doing this from Xojo for a web or desktop app and the webinar demonstrates with an iOS example (and in any case he has set it up earlier in the webinar so does not explain how to do it).

Apologies if these are basic questions but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Xojo ships with an AirTable desktop example, which might also be worth reviewing:

Examples/Communication/Web Services/AirTableArtGallery

Thanks for the suggestion. I have found the example, however when I try to input the values for the APIkey and the AppID I get an error message suggesting I have done this incorrectly. I have taken them from my account page and from the art gallery app (using my account) so the key is of the form ‘key…’ and the appID of the form ‘app…’

Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks

It sure seems so. I just plugged in my app ID and API key and the example worked. What is the error message you get?

I get this message: #Pragma Error “Be sure to set App.kAPIKey and App.kAppID constants.”

I have set them like this:
a) Go to Constants
b) Select kAPIKey
c) Select Platform as Windows, Language as Default and Value as key3dPB0foziG5AIf
d) Select kAppID
e) Select Platform as Windows, Language as Default and Value as appX0WrIMAeOSNBr9
f) Press Run

The Pragma is there to remind you to set the values. After you have done so, you should remove the Pragma line. See Pragma Directives.

Thanks I didn’t realise that. I am now able to access some data so I will have a play around with it.


So, what’s the deal with the ShowArtworkButton? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I should remove that button since I never implemented it!

is it possible to use Airtable in iOS App???

how do i get attachment to be display on the sample desktop app??