Help With App Installation Failed Error

I have an Enterprise certificate for iOS apps that has worked well for a year or so and now that I’m building in Mojave I’m getting a new error that means nothing to me for now. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction:

[quote]App Installation Failed
This application’s application-identifier entitlement does not match that of the installed application. These values much match for an upgrade to be allowed.[/quote]

If you need more information on how I’m using the Enterprise certificate I’m using a utility called iReSign. There are various references to the utility in these forums.

In the IDE I have zero entitlements selected and as far as I know don’t believe I need anything. My iOS device has a hardware barcode scanner, and talks to a base station via TCP Socket. It does play twos sounds that are embedded in the project. Other than that it’s a pretty simple application.

Additional information. This is coming if I try and install the app on my iOS device using the Xcode Devices window. Normally I can just drag the new app into the device and it just works.

A problem I faced a few years ago was that the certificate you add to your phone is only valid for 12 months. Maybe you need to replace that certificate for it to work?

Hm…wondering if it’s because this is an iPod Touch (6th generation). Xcode devices is saying that it could not locate device support files and that it might not be supported by this version of Xcode. Using Xcode 9.1.

Okay. So figured it out. I had to reauthorize the iPod to trust the Enterprise certificate. Only discovered this after deleting the app and reinstalling it.