Help... Where to put dylib in built mac app?


I am trying out a project that has a .dylib file.

How do I get that dylib to work with the built app?

I tried…
Right-click on the built app then I selected “Show package contents”
Double-clicked “Contents”
added it to the “Frameworks” folder

Closed al the windows I just opened and launched the app

I tried to access the lib in a method and i got a FunctionNotFoundException error.



CopyFiles step will do the trick. Be sure to select “Frameworks” as the destination.

Thanks Tim,

Was not aware of that, always did it manually.


Hi Jean-Paul,

I tried that but it did not work either.

Any other suggestions?



How does your code look like? Declares have a convoluted syntax.

Hi Beatrix,

I have it in this post

I downloaded the project from here