Help wanted (paid or not, does not matter)

I have tried to get into Xojo/Realbasic on and off for quite some times now and just could not get the time (any available time greater than even 1/2 hour stretch) to search and actually do any substantial learning or work… Where can I find a Xojo programmer that can do programming for me that contains a lot of description within the code so I can use the code immediately and learn how it was programmed at the same time?

You could ask ChatGPT to write some simple code for you. It generally adds a lot of comments about what it is doing. Only ask it very basic functions as it can get it wrong

I would advise against asking ChatGPT, people have in the past and ChatGPT is bad at writing Xojo code and is a terrible learning tool for things related to Xojo (there are examples in this blog post to illustrate some of the failures).

You could fill out the Find a Consultant form, but that just nets you people who can afford a Pro license, not necessarily skilled developers.

I’d like to offer my services, but I’ve been struggling with health lately and need to take a break to de-stress. I don’t want to snap on anymore undeserving people. Honestly, from the pool of people I trust, I don’t know who’s currently got availability.

It sounds bad, but I wouldn’t blindly trust the results you get from making a public post. There are a lot of people here who really should spend more time researching (to put it nicely).


I have had some good, and some bad, luck with using it for the generation of simple functions. It is not 100% but I could see using it to get a general understanding of how Xojo code is written, the syntax, etc which is what I assumed they were wanting to do. Other languages do work better, eg PHP, and I haven’t used it to do complex things like OAuth connections. The simple math-based algorithms, for when I have not had enough coffee to figure it out for myself, have resulted in perfectly fine code.

here, probably.
But ‘do programming for me’ is a pretty vague spec.
30 lines of code, someone may do as a favour.
‘Write my program’ is a paid endeavour, unless you find someone kind and bored.

What do you want to create?


The examples that are included with Xojo can help too.

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Paid endeavor . It was initially a small thing to have a simple screen with button on it to open predetermined websites or applications within multiple predetermined tables (scaled to fit in the table) on a single screen, but something else more complicated came up that has made this thing into a full fledged needing a paid programmer.

You can download them from:

Examples for Xojo 2023r1.1.

Or, in the IDE, open the examples…

a simple screen with button on it to open predetermined websites or applications within multiple predetermined tables (scaled to fit in the table)

Sounds rather like a web page to me. Are you planning a web app or a desktop one?

I used a simple html file long time ago to do that. Then I trashed it…

Did you check the xDev Magazine ?

If you provide me with the app that you got, I can comment it / fix it, for free up to 60 minutes… no problem helping a newbie out a bit.

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PM me happy to help over zoom