Help us to step the next level

Hi Everyone
I write this post to ask everyone who’s answering any questions from newbie or pro
When you’re replying is it possible to write in readable human sentence the code that your’e showing us
meaning: explaining the process… ( this doing that then that turning to this )
I’m very thankful to take the code that your’e posting
But someday, you and i will be happier if i can help newbie at my turn
It’s appeal to those who’s concern about growing xojo community
Thank you for you’re help

Just ask a followup question if you need more detail.

In my experience, people learn a lot more if you steer them in the right direction but still let them figure it out on their own. The problem with providing code is that many times, the code provided is only good for that one circumstance.

Have to agree with Denis, I have learn’t a lot more with actual code snippets that have been posted to some of my questions than someone saying do this ( when you don’t know what this is to start with) or reffering you to the Reference guide and you still don’t understand.

I have gone through a lot of posts on this forum and the old Realstudio forum and copied code snippets to different headings in a word file I have made up and many times I have found the answer to a question without having to ask it on this forum.

Have to say though as a begginer any help is appreciated.

Often, questions are an occasion to test an idea. I then proceed to see if it works and post the resulting code. I plead guilty to sometimes posting replies without the necessary explanations about the inner workings.

I still ask questions and sometimes receive replies in the form of snippets. But a simple copy/paste and applying a recipe concocted by someone else, I may learn nothing, just see it work and still not understand what made it work. Then forget about that and move on to another whim.

Sometimes, people make no effort to try and understand before posting a question, and when provided by a ready-made answer minutes later post another question showing they have lost all interest in the previous one. Some even manifest impatience when their issue is not solved right way with a snippet. I have even seen some start new threads with the same question over, because the OP felt he did not have a reply fast enough.

The snippet is just like giving a man a fish. He will never learn how to fish for himself. Pointing an OP to resources like links and documentation will help genuine research and a better comprehension of the mechanisms involved. Grasping the concepts is a chance not only to make something that works, but to invent new ways of doing things and get results originally thought not to be possible.

Last year Sam Rowlands took the time in replying to one of my question to explain in details how to build a declare for the Mac. This gave me a chance to better understand the often obscure workings of the Cocoa framework. Sure, MacOSLib and plugins are a nice resource, but they remain black boxes with no clue about what makes them work. Understanding how to apply Apple developer documentation is precisely the next level above Xojo, when using the framework provides features absent from the language.

I like understanding how things work, and discover new ways of doing things. And sharing what I have discovered. Finally, I try to always give thanks for the assistance I received. Nothing is worse than snatching replies and not even acknowledging efforts to help.

Keep in mind that there are people at all levels of competency and expertise that use these forums and ask questions on them. And that the people answering the questions aren’t necessarily paid to do so. If you expect too much from people who answer questions, you’re simply going to get fewer answers.

Michel, do you still have the info regarding building a declare?
I too, would be interesred in understand how they are constructed.

[quote=113128:@Richard Summers]Michel, do you still have the info regarding building a declare?
I too, would be interesred in understand how they are constructed.[/quote]

See the answer in

You have to take that slowly and step by step, go to Apple documentation and back to Sam’s post, and you should be able to understand how he came up with the declare. Good reading :slight_smile: