help to find ipad app

i want a simple app to draw on ipad like if i was using a paper… but i need to draw rect lines and rect lines with arrows to indicate meassures. something like autocad… but simpler and cheapper

well since there is only one source for iPad apps… I suggest you start by there :slight_smile:

of course there is one other source, and that would be design and write it yourself :frowning:

and from past experience (iPad or not)… any level of “CAD” like app is not easy

thanks dave… i have already searched on app store, with no success.

Unfortunately, in spite of pretends by Apple that the iPad is a computer, it remains a gadget…

May be time to develop the app you need.

I had thought about porting my PaintDS app to the iPad… but since it would benefit mostly by using the “Pencil” and a lot of users (myself included) have the “non-Pencil” version… the level of precision with a “fat finger” wouldn’t be worth the effort

there is … “autocad” for ios !
also “autodesk sketchbook”
“keyplan 3d”
“canvas sketchupbook pro”
your choice

anyone ever have a newton ?
its note taking app had the handiest drawing mode
you could scratch out a rough square & it would make it a perfect square
same for lines and circles & all kinds of other shapes
and then you could move them around to rearrange your drawing
very handy and an app for the iPad could easily do this