Help to choose a WYSIWYG editor

hello everyone. I need suggestions on which wysiwyg editor to choose.
my preference is desktop (although if it fulfills the requirements indicated below I would not mind that it is web), multiplatform (win / lin / mac). can be free or paid. if not multiplatform, at least run on windows 10.
I want the application to automatically generate the corresponding css, and preferably have advanced css options, such as repeat headers or footers, automatically generate page numbers for printing, or have the option to generate two views… one to display in the browser and one to print, etc
I would like to hear your suggestions, or what has worked for you.

Perhaps Pinegrow is what you are looking for:

thanks… i will test it

I’ve been trying it out. it seems to be a very powerful and comprehensive tool. but as a first approximation, I find it a bit complex. there will be another powerful and simple editor?

I am using Brackets from Adobe and Sublime Text. I find both evenly good. Brackets is free, Sublime Text has to be paid for. Brackets has a very good preview option.

I use it to write HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

My former preferenced editor was TopStyle 5. However, development ended years ago, so it is no longer a valid choice for me. However it was one of the best if not the best.

thanks… i will try both